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Giuseppe Petracca aka Ácárya Premamayánanda Avt. is the in-charge of AMYS since 2014. He has been a yoga & meditation teacher since 1987. He graduated from Ánanda Márga’s Ácárya training in 1994 and has since established and run several yoga centers in Europe, Australia and South East Asia. His passion for environmental and welfare issue has engaged him in various humanitarian projects. Ácárya Premamayánanda is the resident teacher, and will be the students’ guide throughout the course. He is the full-time teacher and will teach modules 1,2,4-6 and 8-12.

Mark Devine aka Ácárya Shiilabhadránanda Avt. has a unique ability to bring hope and positivism to the students’ mind. Having more than 30 years of yogic experience,  he possesses a deep knowledge about yogic science and lifestyle. He will be teaching the various aspects of the eight-limb Aśt́áuṋga yoga &  is AMYA part-time teacher who’ll be instructing modules 4 &  7.

Zinchiri Leonardo aka Ácárya Liilánanda Avt. became an Ácárya in 1982,  and has gained fast popularity due to his deep understanding of yoga philosophy,  often presented in an innovative and humorous way. He has 25 years of experience in teaching yoga and philosophy in Europe,  South America and now in Asia. He’s AMYA part-time teacher who’ll be instructing modules 6 &  7.

John Paul Fields aka Ácárya Dharmavedánanda Avt. (N.M.D.) majored in psychology before undergoing training as an Ácárya in 1972. His specialty is Natural Therapy &  his first natural therapy clinics were in Taiwan and Korea. He has given individual treatment to well over 4000 patients. He is now over-seeing the Ánanda Márga Wellness Center, in Cebu,  which offers to radically improve almost anyone who is diseased or stressed. He’s AMYA part-time teacher who’ll be instructing module 8.

Svein Gunnar Dale aka Ácárya Shankarsanánanda Avt. has a broad background in Aśt́áuṋga yoga (Raja yoga), Rájádhirájá yoga and Sahaja yoga, with a special passion for meditation. He is a Part-Time teacher and will be instructing Module 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12.

Lloyd Lester Yu Lee (Bachelor of Science In Industrial Management Engineering, De La Salle University, Taft Avenue, Philippines) started practicing yoga in 2008. Yoga was able to relieve his back pain and this inspired him to deepen his practice and share his knowledge with others. He has 450 Hours of Teacher Training with Ánanda Márga, 200 Hours of Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training and a 50-Hour SmartFlow® Teacher Training Intensive on Older Adult, Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga. Along with his knowledge in chiropractic and TCM, he has focused his practice in Yoga Therapy and Anatomy. Lloyd is AMYA part-time teacher and he will be teaching Certificate Course Module 3: Yoga Anatomy, Physiology & Bio Psychology. His teachings are well known for being very practical and hands on. He believes that there is a yoga practice for everyone, regardless of age, flexibility and strength.

Betty Susiarjo (Master of Arts, Winchester School Of Art Southampton University, England) is an artist and an Art Lecturer. She loves sharing Art with people and communicating ideas through art-making. She exhibits regularly and works within areas such as Painting,  Drawing,  Sewing,  Installation Art and Video work.

Her interest in Yoga started ten years ago and since then she has been studying from various Yoga schools:  Sivananda, Ánanda Márga and Vivekananda and teaches yoga part time. Her real passion is to bring Art and Yoga together and most importantly, to make other people benefit from these wonderful aspects of living:  Yoga and Creativity. She’s AMYA part-time teacher who’ll be instructing module 9.

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