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Our Yoga Center

Our yoga center is located at 18 Waringin Park, Sin Chuan Garden, Singapore 416331. Equipment and facilities provided:  yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, blankets, pillow; drinking water, bath room, changing room, library.

Useful Yoga Articles

Featured Article(s) How to Prepare for the Explosion of the Mind Meditation is a process of reflecting the Infinite (Brahma, God, Krsna, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, etc.) on the mind. Does this sound possible? Well it is! … continue reading     Raw Garlic: Health Food Or Toxin? Raw Garlic, or even cooked garlic, has long […]

AMYA Management Board

AMYA Management Board Academic Board Prof. Dhanjoo N Ghista (PHD.) Acarya Shankarsana’nanda Avt. (Acarya) Sng Chu Kiat (BA, Hons) Exam Board Prof. Dhanjoo N Ghista (PHD.) Maniisa Tay Lay Chin (BSc. Homeopathy) Sng Chu Kiat (BA, Hons) Rasida Aini (Diploma in CIS) Management Board Sng Chu Kiat: Director/Manager Svein Gunnar Dale: Director/Manager Tay Lay Chin: […]

Testimonials From Our Students

Testimonials from Our Students Letitia Chang (from Singapore, 2014 intake) I was looking to learn and understand yoga beyond those years of yoga gym memberships signed and renewed. And I am grateful that one year later (upon completing the course), I can officially conclude this course was the best choice made. From anatomy, history, philosophy, […]

How to Register

Registration & Admission Process Step 1: Prior to registration,  all students must read the Student Information Pack in detail. Please contact AMYA office or email us to receive the Student Information Pack. This information pack will include: • course curriculum details • semester schedule, timetable, etc • student assessment methods, attendance requirements • course fees […]

Our Teachers

AMYA Teachers Panel Giuseppe Petracca aka Ácárya Premamayánanda Avt. is the in-charge of AMYS since 2014. He has been a yoga & meditation teacher since 1987. He graduated from Ánanda Márga’s Ácárya training in 1994 and has since established and run several yoga centers in Europe, Australia and South East Asia. His passion for environmental and welfare […]

Course Curriculum

Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and Diploma in Yoga Science, Practice and Lifestyle Our part-time Yoga Teacher Training offers a scientific, systematic and modern approach to yoga studies and research. Our aim is to give the student a complete foundation in the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of the vast Yogic discipline. We offer a […]